Low key obsessed with this tie-dye romper from Tobi. Okay, let’s be real, I’m in love.


The slightly faded tie-dye color is a bit less bold, making it more wearable. It was the perfect amount of color for me as I do not typically wear tie-dye pieces. And in the form of a romper? It was a match out of a fairy tale.

I toned the outfit down a bit with a neutral cardigan and classic white chucks. And my Kate Spade clutch matched oh, so perfectly. 



Though I am short (5’2″) and small-chested (no, I’m not listing my bra size,) I have a little junk in the trunk so I decided to go with a size medium. Even though the straps were adjustable, the romper still hung open just a little too much for my taste. So, I connected the straps together in the back to make it a little tighter fit. 


The green ribbon magic snap thing that matched ridiculously well was just laying around my house but the same result can come from a safety pin or even a paper clip.



I added yet another pop of color with teal eye shadow on my lower lash line. 
So, there is a little bit of a story with this romper. 
I stumbled upon it as I was searching for my birthday outfits and fell in love with it along with their Fiona’s Flowy Romper (As seen in my “Feelin’ 22” post!) When I received my order in the mail, it accidentally included two Fiona’s Flowy Rompers. It would not have been a big deal if I hadn’t planned to wear the tie-dye romper to an event just a few days later. I knew it would most likely take several days to send the extra romper back to Tobi, have them process the order, and then eventually send me the missing item. 
I sent them an email (they did not have a phone number) expressing my irritation with the mistake and how much of an inconvenience it was. To my surprise, a representative responded within 20 minutes. She not only apologized for the error, but she also assured me she would overnight my missing romper before even receiving the extra one I had in my possession. If that wasn’t enough, she gave me a 50% off coupon code on my next order for my troubles.
Can you say AMAZING customer service?!?! 
I received the tie-dye romper immediately and was extremely pleased with Tobi and their pieces. They offer tons of discount codes all the time on their website and Instagram but you can always use the code “TOBI50” on your first order and receive 50% off your purchase! 
I heart Tobi. For realz.


We took these photos in a local rose garden at Thornden Park. If you are ever in the Syracuse area, be sure to stop by and smell the roses!
Photography By: Annie Olczyk
Outfit Links
Romper: Tobi (Available in solid colors here, also love this!)
Cardigan: (Similar here)
Sneakers: Converse
Clutch: Kate Spade (Similar here)