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Statement Sneaker


Tell me you love glitter without telling me you love glitter… On the blog, we love glitter and we love a good statement shoe and these high-tops from P448 are that and MORE. When I tell you these are the…

That ’70s Sweater


When Cody took these photos, he said the outfit reminded him a bit of the 70’s with the mock neck sweater, so we’re rolling with that theme today! This past season, I’ve been constantly on the hunt for tunic/longer style…

Statement Blazer


Is it just me, or does throwing on a blazer immediately make you feel like Kelly Kapoor, The Business B—? I have accumulated quite the collection of blazers because they are so versatile. Wear with jeans over a hoodie for…

Printed Skirt Look


Either printed skirts are on their way out, or I have been very lucky with my consignment shop finds lately. I am hoping it is the latter. This Loft printed skirt is new-to-me from the wonderful local consignment store that…

New 2 U Thrift Store


Affordable finds… great cause… what could be better?! You all know how I feel about thrift stores. I love finding new-to-me pieces at such a steal, while being kinder to the environment. I’ve mentioned a few places on here before,…

The Village Basement


Not cool: Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. Cool: Consignment shops are here to the rescue! I am the biggest fan of consignment shops. I can’t even count how many times I have found amazing…

Winter Floral


Guess who’s back… Back again… Happy New Year, lovelies! It is officially the start of a new decade and I thought the perfect way to celebrate would be with a loooong overdue blog post! When my mom showed me this…

Fur Reals.


Happy Friday, lovelies! I asked you all on my Instagram if you wanted to see a couple more winter looks since I have them photographed instead of hopping into spring. Since you agree that winter never seems to end in…

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