OMIGOD, OMIGOD, you guys!

Bonus points if you caught that Legally Blonde the Musical reference.

But seriously though, this curling wand is better than getting into Harvard Law School.

Okay, maybe not.


















So as established above, this curling wand rocks.

I first heard about the NuMe brand from Missglamorazzi or Ingrid on YouTube. (Love her!) She has mentioned several NuMe products throughout many of her videos. Ingrid specifically used the reverse wand in her “3 Quick & Easy Date Night Hairstyles” video (Link below) and I loved the type of curls it created. She offered a couple of NuMe coupon codes in one of her recent spring inspired videos which included the reverse wand for just $27.

That’s right, scored this $169 curling wand for less than $35 with tax.

Just another reason why I love Ingrid. Last time I checked, you can still snag this wonderful product for that price using the coupon code “ILOVENUGGET” So, GO GO GO!

I received the NuMe Reverse 13mm-25mm Classic Curling Wand about three days after ordering it, which is, in my opinion, very fast.














The curling wand came neatly packaged in a box that slides out of this cover.














The wand comes with an instructional manual as well as a heat-resistant glove. I never use those types of gloves with any heat styling product, usually the material makes it more difficult to keep ahold of my hair. Though, I probably should have used it this time because I managed to burn my hand twice while using this wand for the first time. It had nothing to do with the wand, I am probably just out of practice since I haven’t curled my hair in a while!


















The wand comes in black, pink, and zebra. I decided to go with pink, because obvs. The wand starts smaller at the base and expands out to the tip, a reverse effect, clearly stated in the name. This curling wand is used to achieve a tighter curl towards the top of your hair that gradually gets loser towards the ends of your hair.

As I curled my hair, I just took 1-2 inch sections and wrapped them around the barrel. I held each section for less than 10 seconds because this wand gets very hot. It also heats up very quickly so it is great if you are in a hurry. You cannot change the temperature on this wand. However, that is a feature I never use anyway, so that did not bother me. The handle is very easy to grip as well.












I am not going to lie, at first, I did not notice a difference between this wand and my others. When winding your hair around the barrel, you really have to make sure you cover the entire barrel. It sounds obvious but, if you only wrap your hair around half of the barrel, you will not get that smaller to larger curl. This took a little bit of getting used to but it was not difficult.


















After I finished curling, I flipped my head over a couple of times and loosened the top a little bit with my fingers. I then followed up by lightly brushing, concentrating on the ends to loosen them more than the top. It wasn’t until I brushed my hair out that I really noticed the difference.














After playing with it a bit, my immediate reaction was, “Oh my gosh, my hair looks like Ingrid’s!” Which of course, was just the reaction I was hoping for. I finished it off by lightly spraying some Aveeno Nourish + Shine Fortifying Hairspray. I love this hairspray when I curl my hair because it helps to hold the curl and still leaves it super soft. I cannot find the hairspray on their website but it is available on

All in all, my curls looked great and they lasted the entire day. The wand was easy to use and well worth the majorly discounted price tag. I am very tempted to check out other NuMe products. Let me know in the comments what you think!












Xo, Nat


Photography: Macy Smolsky

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