Botox is a scary word. Many think the treatment is reserved for Hollywood celebrities attempting to freeze their face to grasp at any ounce of youth they have left, resulting in “fake” and “plastic” looking features.

But Botox does not have to be a scary word at all. In fact, I’m sure many people you know personally get Botox done. Including this blogger right here. 

A couple of months ago, I had my very first Botox appointment with Chapter Aesthetic Studio in New Hartford. When Chapter reached out to partnering with them, I was ecstatic. I have always wanted to have Botox for a variety of reasons. The main one being an involuntary eyebrow twitch I have. My left eyebrow seems to have a mind of its own. I don’t even realize when it moves sometimes and for that reason, I have a deeper wrinkle above that eyebrow. 

I have always wanted Botox to calm that crazy eyebrow down, and to act as a preventative measure for ensuring my fine lines and wrinkles do not deepen with age. Think of your skincare routine. You use moisturizer to prevent dry patches or an acne treatment to prevent acne. Botox is just like a skincare treatment that softens wrinkles and fine lines.

Now, Botox is different from filler, the two treatments are often confused with one another. Botox relaxes the muscles while filler is a substance that fills and smooths lines. Botox is the brand name of the neurotoxin you receive, while filler is known under a different brand name like Juvederm or Restylane.

Even though I have been wanting Botox for a while, I was still a little nervous when I arrived at Chapter Aesthetic Studio for my appointment. The lovely staff immediately eased my nerves and ensured me it was a safe and simple process. I was greeted by Jennifer, the Owner and Managing Clinical Director at Chapter who would be doing the procedure. 

Jennifer is incredibly knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. She walked me through every step of the process and answered all the questions I had. While I already decided on getting units of Botox in my forehead, Jennifer suggested I also get a few units between my eyebrows as well since it’s another natural movement zone susceptible to wrinkles. Once we decided on the areas, we were ready to begin!

First, she asked me to make some different expressions so she could pinpoint exactly where I could use Botox. Every face is different, so this treatment is very individualized. 

Once she marked where to make the injections, Jennifer gave me a vibrating tool to press on my chin. This acts as a distraction while she is doing the injections for anyone scared of needles and to help manage any pain or discomfort. Though I will say, the pain from the injections was very minimal. 

With each injection, Jennifer kept me informed of the process and constantly asked me how I was feeling. Before I knew it, the process was done! If I hadn’t asked a lot of questions beforehand, I probably would have been out of there in less than 5 minutes!

I received 20 units of Botox in my forehead and 18 units between my brows. I did receive complimentary Botox in exchange for social media and blog content. Chapter also offers a membership program, where you receive a 15% off discount on treatments and products making the price per unit around $11. It is typically recommended that you receive the treatment every 3-4 months.

You may have some very minor bleeding and redness following the treatment. After you receive Botox, stay away from tight hats or headbands and refrain from exercising for 24 hours. Skip the retinol for a night too. 

I could not be happier with my results! My crazy eyebrow no longer has a mind of its own, I’ve prevented my forehead wrinkles from deepening, and the best part: I still look like myself! You probably couldn’t tell I’ve had Botox unless you ask me to raise my eyebrow!  

If you have any questions at all, I am an open book! If you’re curious about Botox, comment or message me! I am thrilled with my results and would love to share more about my experience.



(Just a warning for those squeamish of needles, I included a video of the procedure below.)

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