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On the oh, so, sparking night of July 11th, I saw my favorite person in the universe perform live at MetLife Stadium. 
And if you didn’t catch that, that person is Taylor Alison Swift.  

Lucky for me, I got to share the experience with two of my best friends Heidi and Colleen. We do not get to see each other as often as we would like, so this concert was the perfect opportunity to reunite. 
Prior to the concert, we came up with the awesome idea of representing T-Swizzle in her different fashion eras. Heidi would be her cowboy boots, sparkly dress “Fearless/Speak Now” era, Colleen would be her “RED” high-waisted shorts and heart-shaped sunglasses era, and I would represent her most current style in something she was seen wearing recently.
‘Cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style!


I knew I wanted to wear a matching crop top and skirt set, since she has been seen in many of those outfits. I fell in love with the outfit she was spotted in above and used it as inspiration when looking for my concert outfit. Little did I know, a trip to Bloomingdale’s would bring me to the exact outfit I was seeking inspiration from. This Aqua set retailing at about $120 is a steal on mega-celebrity T-Swift and is probably my favorite purchase of 2015. I was incredibly giddy as I was sliding my credit card; wayyyy too excited to spend that money, but worth every penny!
Heidi, Colleen, and I figured we would need signs to pull our entire look together. We went with Polaroids since that was her album cover and included in lyrics on her album. Heidi came up with the sentence that included all of her albums (with the exception of her first, self-titled album.) 
“Let’s get fearless so speak now if you’re red-y to party like it’s 1989!”




We thought it was a great homage to her past and present. Each of us has loved her for so long and this tour our first experience witnessing her perform. 
(So I’m sure you can imagine our excitement.)


We had pretty decent seats, being the next section up from the floor level and not far from the center. Yes, she was a bit far, but we could see the entire performance. I am on the short side, so my view may have been obstructed on the floor. 
(Though, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aiming for floor seats on her next tour!) 
Before T-Money went on, a behind-the-scenes video played from The 1989 Secret Sessions. At this time, people were getting settled in their seats and the excitement was building. Fans were complimenting costumes, chatting about their favorite songs, as well as moments T-Swag has made an impact on their lives. As I was watching the footage, a sudden image flashed on the screen and I let out an incredibly high-pitched scream of excitement. 
Here, Taylor is walking down the stairs, about to greet her fans, in the same exact romper that I own. 
As I screamed and Heidi screamed, “That’s your romper!” we had some turning heads and rolling eyes, but that did not phase my excitement of unintentionally twinning with my idol.


Overall, the concert was an absolute dream come true. I did not think it was possible to love her even more and yet I do. Singing (screaming) and dancing with the woman behind the music that I had been listening to for years and years along with a stadium full of 60,000 people was a much different experience than singing by myself in my car on my way to work everyday; let me tell you.
She began with a few songs from 1989: DONE.
Sang an absolute classic “You Belong With Me”: DYING.
Surprised the crowd with Nick Jonas and his song “Jealous”: GASPING FOR BREATH.
SLAYED two of her biggest hits from “Red”: FAINTING. 
Strutted down the runway with her best friends (including Karlie!) during “Style”: DEAD.
Brought back the song I hope my future husband proposes to me with “Love Story”: DEAD X2.
Taylor Swift KNOWS how to put on a show. 

After dying approximately four and a half times, I did not think the night could get any better but then…
Taylor, my love, began to sing to chorus to my all-time favorite song of hers “Enchanted.” 
R.I.P. ME.
In that moment, I felt complete bliss. As lame (and possibly obsessive) as it sounds, I felt a true connection with this woman I have never met but have looked up to for so many years. With this ode to her past, my fandom and relationship (yes, I know, I haven’t met her, stop reminding me!) with her had come full circle. 
Taylor has grown up a lot over the years and has become a strong, beautiful, intelligent role model. In this 1989 era, she has moved to my favorite city in the world, chopped off her hair, a risk she admitted she would never take before, established life-long friendships with other inspiring women, and identified as a feminist. 
Frankly, she’s killing it.
In between songs, Taylor gave uplifting speeches. One of them described a current situation I have found myself in so well, I’m convinced she took a page out of my diary. And I must say, hearing advice that I haven’t really been listening to before from my idol herself, is quite life-changing. 
When Taylor Swift talks, you listen.
The 1989 World Tour is absolutely everything and more. One day, I hope to meet her and tell her of this magical night. I’d explain the ways her music has helped me through difficult times, while also being the soundtrack through the good. (And I will probably break out into the chorus of “Enchanted,” I WAS ENCHANTED TO MEET YOOOOOOUUU!)
Until then, I will keep blasting 1989 in my car on my way to work everyday. 
Love ya, Tay.