Henri bendel

Office Chic


Hello lovelies! Lately, I have been very motivated to get more content up for you all. This means trying out some different ideas than my usual casual looks. I figured, hey, many people are in an office setting for their…

French Twist


Hello lovelies! Long time no talk. It’s been a crazy few weeks with a very last-minute vacation and some family obligations that I may or may not talk about in a future post, haven’t decided yet… But I am back…

Black & Navy


Hello, lovelies! I am a sucker for unexpected combinations, and black and navy is definitely an uncommon pair. Most think you can only wear one or the other but because I am an incredibly indecisive person and I like the…

Baby Blues


Hello, lovelies! A few months ago, H&M had a major sale and this adorable, baby blue suede moto jacket is one of the pieces I picked up. In case you haven’t seen my car, baby blue is my favorite color. Therefore,…

Cool in Culottes


Happy Thursday, lovelies! We are TWO DAYS out from reputation Stadium Tour so naturally, I can’t concentrate on anything. But bear with me a bit because this jumpsuit is a head-turner. My mom and I were actually on our way…

All Business.


Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week, I am pausing the ripped jeans for a quick minute and doing more of a business/workwear outfit. First, I love these printed pants. They are stylish yet so comfortable. They give off a dressier vibe…

Cute & Cozy.


Happy Friday, lovelies! Today, I am discussing this super cute sweater dress from Elietian. The first thing that caught my attention was the luscious material. It is very thick, yet soft and oh, so warm. Then, I realized it was…